Middle East and North Africa protests

1) What was happening in the Middle East and North Africa were protesting.
2) What was happening was the same as Middle East and North Africa. There are protesting going around in Yemen. It went on webs like Facebook. This is what happen.
Yemen is a republic government. There leader was Ali Abdallan Salen and he had ruled more than 30 years. The people who were protesting were the public. The public wants the government’s corruption for wasting billions of oil wealth. The government respond by security forces injured dozen on march 13th. And had killed at lease 3 people, so I heard. The protesters has had violence and death for protesting. And lastly, of course the protrudes had changed the country.
3) Some of the somethings that our counties have is we all protested, we all have a ruler we don’t want to rule and our protesters got good reasons on not wanting the ruler. That is what we have in common with the countries. Saudi never really changed it’s country. But Yemen and Bahrain had changed there country. (No information about the others). The other difference is that all the rulers had different year they ruled the country.
4) What my guess is that the U.S should just help my assigned country with the rights and wrong. If the protesters done what they can and it won’t change a thing, the U.S should at lease make a plan or speech as they did to Egypt. It would be really helpful.

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