My Culture.

-Art: Our art are different in ways. We make things that explain our life with clouth and strings.
-Taboos: Our Taboos are not to marry or date anyone with the same last name because they’re might be our sister or brother. Yet, we can’t date nor marry any of our family members.
-History/Urban: My history isn’t like my family. My mom were from Thai Land and my dad was from Laos. they had a rush life. So they’re parents moved to WI and then after i was born 8 years later we moved to MN.
-Vacation and Recreation: We have fun by having family gathering, family vacation to Chicago & six flags, and family picink.
-Ways of everyday life: Cooking,washing clothing, babysitting, and Shopping.
-Yum: Pho (phao), rice cake,cabbage, and egg rolls.

On July 4th. We play Soccer, flag football and volley ball. Those are the Account Activities we do in America.
For 3 days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for July 4th. When we are at July 4th the sports would have things and there would be two teams going against each other.
There would be one new years in October in WI and there would be a new year in November in MN. There would be dances and food and other things we could get.
The Hmong dance would be all fancy and isn’t like the usual. The food would taste good. For July 4th, it would look like a foot ball game, volley ball and soccer but it’s outside.

That’s what my culture back ground. There isn’t more but that’s usually what we do for fun. Every year I’m always happy when it comes around. Some of my family members would play
soccer and sometimes foot ball.

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